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Before buying land ensure you do thorough title check, this is where we come in…

When acquiring a property, it is always important to know if the property has a genuine title be it Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) or some other titles.  Buying land with good but it is more important to know if the title is genuine or defective. It is not uncommon for errors to be made during land title preparation.

One thing you must do before acquiring a property with title is to check the survey plan.

The most common error on a survey plan is wrong coordinates. This error is mostly a product of typos or wrong GPS parameters or it’s intentionally done for some reason beneficial to the land owner (Seller). And it goes undetected because it is often impossible to know if the coordinate of a location is wrong by visual inspection.


Entrust us with this responsibility and we will save you all the headache. Let us help you conduct a proper title search before you invest in that land.

We can also help you perfect your Land Titles to keep the land out Land Grabbers reach

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